Token Creation Flow
  1. Create a Token Mint Account
  2. Create an Associated Token Account for a wallet
  3. Mint tokens into an Associated Token Account
General overview
Account (Fee Payer)
Wallet Secret Key

Create or set a Wallet above and create a Mint Account below, before you can create a Token Account
The Account used for Token creation.
Also shows the Associated Token Account once a Token Mint Account has been created.
Optional Addresses
Mint AuthorityNone given - Using Feepayer Account instead!
Freeze AuthorityNone given - Using Feepayer Account instead!
Optionally you can hand the authorities to mint and freeze to other Accounts instead
Token Creation
Token Mint AccountDecimals
Total Supply
Create a token, monitor its total supply. (Or enter an existing token address)
Token Minting
MinttoToken Account
Mint Tokens to a specific token account. (Make sure the Mint Authority is logged in as the Fee Payer in this case)