Main Identity Secret Key
Creatorℹ️ No Key - Using Main Identity instead
The Wallet that you want to create everything with. Also used as the Creator, unless you set a different Public Key for that.
Collection Metadata
Collection NameSymbol
Collection Image:Uri
External URL

Collection Metadata URI
First we need Metadata for the entire NFT Collection.
Once done we'll upload it to decentralized storage.
Collection NFT
Collection NFT
Next we'll create a Collection NFT with the Metadata we defined above. This NFT will represent the entire Collection and all individual NFTs will refer to it.
Item Metadata Template + Traits
Template JSON:
Item Name
Item Description
External URLSeller Fee Basis Points

We need to generate Metadata for each NFT. We'll start with a template and set up all the basic fields that all NFTs will share

And we need to set Traits - The values that make each NFT unique and define the rarity of each NFT. The Template Value of each Trait has to correspond with the header of the data we'll load in the next step below.

(Header POINTS → Template Value $POINTS$)
Item Data
Now we need the actual Data for each item. Set this up in a spreadsheet, save as CSV and import it here!
If the headers of the columns match the Traits you set up above, then they will show up as tags in the preview section further down!
Add images:
Upload an image each for every NFT. Name them after numbers - image 0.png will belong to NFT #1, etc.
Preview NFTs
Nothing to preview yet
Review everything and check that all the required pieces are in place!
Upload Item Metadata
Item Metadata
Once all data is done and all images are uploaded, the final metadata for all NFTs can be uploaded to decentralized storage.
Candy Machine
Mint Price (SOL)
Candy Machine Address
Set up a Candy Machine where users can mint your NFTs for a given amount of SOL
Fill Candy Machine
Load uploaded Metadata into Candy Machine
Now all that's left to do now is to fill the Candy Machine with all the links to the Metadata you have uploaded for your NFTs
Minting Website
At this point everything should be ready to go! - grab a template like this one and build a website!
Once you're at this point you can make a website and let users mint your NFTs!
Verify Creator
Creator Account Secret Key
Find all NFTs with this creator listed at posand
After users have minted NFTs through your Candy Machine, you have the option to verify your Account as the Creator of those NFTs (Your account signs a transaction and this flips a switch on the NFT metadata).
Delete Candy Machine
Delete Candy Machine
Once your Candy Machine has minted all NFTs you can delete it and thus reclaim storage costs.