What is this?
These are tools we built to make our lives easier. Create Key-Pairs, create tokens, create NFTs - all simple and easy in one place!
Screenshot of NFT Tools
Easily create wallets
Inspect existing wallets
View SOL balances
View Token balances
Screenshot of NFT Tools
Create your own token
Mint your token to specific accounts
See the total supply of a token
Screenshot of NFT Tools
Set up all the data for an NFT collection
Upload Metadata and Images to decentralized storage
Create a CandyMachine v3 so your users can mint them

Each tool is built as a progressive web app and runs in your local browser. Once it's loaded, it doesn't need to talk to our server at all.

None of the data you enter ever leaves your local computer - until you upload something to decentralized storage or interact with the blockchain. But even then it connects directly and doesn't touch our server at all.

Yoursecret keys never leave your system - they're only used to sign transactions.

Nevertheless: Make sure your computer isn't compromised, work with newwallets, transfer only as much SOL as you need.

Basics: Wallets, KeyPairs, Addresses

Solana is a blockchain and (like all blockchains) it's based on cryptographically signing transactions.

A Wallet is nothing more than asecret key and apublic key (a key-pair).

A Public key is the public address of your account/wallet - feel free to share it, it's what other people need to send tokens to your wallet!

A Secret key (or private key) should always stay secret! Whoever knows the secret key can sign transactions for this wallet and is thus in complete control of all its contents! Never ever show your secret key to anyone!

AMnemonic seed phrase is sometimes used to derive this key-pair that forms a wallet - the seed phrase is a sequence of words that is easy to write down on a piece of paper, which is why it's also called a "paper wallet" - never ever share this with anyone - they can derive your secret key from this!

Sometimes you see a secret key written as an array of numbers. That"s just a different way of displaying the underlying bits. A secret key written as anarray of unsigned 8-bit integers looks like this: []

How to get a Solana Wallet

Creating awallet is easy. We simply generate asecret key at random, done!

Or we generate a randommnemonic seed phrase and derive a key pair from that.

There's no authority to issue keys - everyone can create as many keys as they want. You don't even need to register your key with the blockchain. You just make one up and you can start using it immediately.